I want to first say how proud I am of my friend and teammate Veronica Walls and her husband Carmelo for starting this wonderful organization that helps young athlete's achieve their dream of becoming the best.  I had the honor of being a teammate of Veronica's in college and watched her grow into a great volleyball player and the best right side hitter as far as I am concerned.  Not only was Veronica one of the best teammates anyone could ask for, but she is a wonderful human being.  With a heart of gold and the passion to see others succeed, she knows what it takes to get to the next level, and will want each athlete to excel. 

-Misty May-Treanor, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

I have had the pleasure of knowing Veronica for seventeen years.  She enjoys working with youth and is an extraordinary volleyball player and athlete.  As her teammate I was able to share with Veronica one of the fondest memories of my life, winning an NCAA National Championship match.  She is knowledgeable in the sport and was coached my one of the greatest minds in volleyball, Brian Gimmillaro.  Veronica will be an asset to any volleyball program.  Best wishes to you Veronica and the development of Sky Athletics. 

-Benishe Dillard-Roberts, Club Director for Shenu Volleyball

I am excited to hear Veronica Lee will lend her expertise to the development of young people. It is rare that a person with this ability is so willing to share her experiences with future athletes. As her college coach, I had the opportunity to watch Veronica score match point in the first ever Undefeated NCAA National Championship Team. Veronica’s journey to get to this point can be of great value to the people she teaches. Her achievements include leading the nation in hitting percentage as a senior. This extraordinary achievement will hopefully be passed on to the next generation. Veronica, I wish you the best of luck in your professional endeavors.

-Brian Gimmillaro, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Long Beach State University 


Encouraging Our Kids To Reach Their Goals,

 Hopes, and Dreams By Reaching For The Sky


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